Humans - By far the most common race in the world.

Nephilim - Extremely rare. Most don't even survive gestation. Nephilim do have wings. Hidden, only useful as a means of gathering and focusing power, can't fly with them. (SO many more notes should be here, this probably needs a seperate page/file! Approval is preferred before playing one, because they are supposed to be VERY VERY rare!)

Angels - Unsure how many there are. Most don't interact with or interfere with humanity.

Demons -

Vampires - Lone predators, though many have learned to survive without killing.

Werewolves - Often live in packs of 3 or more, but lone wolves aren't unheard of. Much like vampires, many have learned to survive without killing as a survival strategy.

Shapeshifters -

-Magic users

Sorcerers - purely natural inborn talent to use magic. rarely needs spell ingredients, but may make use of them.

Witches/Wizards - combination of some small amount of inborn talent and a lot of study. reliant on spell ingredients and memorization.

Mages - purely study and discipline to use magic. entirely reliant on spell ingredients and memorization.


Zion : The city itself

13 Moons : spellwork supply shop/head shop (front), owned by the demon Ion

Novak's Pub : gathering place for supernatural creatures and magic users, central location, owned by Alexi Novak