Sam and Dean showed up at the apartment where the demon activity had definitely taken place in Galveston. They showed their FBI credentials to the Texas State Trooper at the door and walked in. He looked around. "You said the vic was her ex boyfriend. Used to beat her up. You sure she didn't kill him herself?" The state trooper showed them a picture of the now dead man an the girl Stella. Stella didn't weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet. She was eaily half the man's size. Maybe a demon possesed her. "Ripped his heart out..hmm okay"

He slid his gaze over to Dean and then snapped his head back to the cop when he mentioned something of a shrine or calling card in the bedroom. Sam had his notebook out. "No we'll go look. Lead the way."


^Dean nodded to the tropper, a quick half smile flashing as he tucked his FBI ID into the inner breast pocket of his coat^

^he narrowed his eyes, glancing around the apartment as he listened to Same and the trooper talk^

Did you find the heart..? ^he asked falling in line alongside his brother as they followed the tropper.. No heart, could be dealing with a Lamia^


The paranoia pricking at him finally got to be too much. He'd spent so long avoiding the Winchester brothers because they were the only thing left he considered a real threat, but he just had to know. Stella seemed so sure that they would show up at her apartment. Why of all the things going on in the country would they pick a random case in Galveston to investigate? Unless they were somehow onto his trail. After all, he hadn't exactly been careful with any kills he indulged in.

Hell,” he muttered, and teleported himself to a shadowed space across the street from the brownstone Stella had so recently abandoned to come with him.


The trooper nodded and said they had. It was crushed and right by the body.

Sam in the meantime had followed the other trooper into the bedroom and he just stared at what he saw before him. A plaid shirt, that really looked like on of their Father's in a circle, two pictures a stuffed animal inside of it. He shook himself. "Agent Banks!" He called to Dean. He asked the Trooper to leave them for a moment. Sam walked closer to it seeing the two photographs and the dirty angel bear in between the pictures. He was rocked to his core to see someone else had a picture of their Father. The woman in the picture looked like the girl's Mother..and the bear..wait. He looked down at the picture of the girl. The eyes, bright green. He was stunned for the moment, waiting for all of it to slowly click into place.

^he frowned as the tropper informed him they found the heart..Lamia's out^

Thanks.. ^he nodded, turning his attention towards Sam's voice^

^he moved in Sam's direction, easing past the trooper leaving the room to just he and his brother^

Not a Lamia... ^he declared, sounding almost disappointed...been awhile since they dealt with Lamias, as he walked up behind Same^... Got somethin'?

^he peered past Sam, his brow furrowing at the odd "shrine" infront of them^

What the hell..^he trailed off as his eyes landed on the picture of John^

Sam shut the door behind Dean when he spoke. "Dad said he lost that shirt in a hunt." He said hoarsely. Sam looked down at the picture of the girl, Stella and her Mother in her hand. Something nagged at him, Sam was quick and he didn't want to acknowledge it. He picked the bear up by the halo and set it carefully aside.

The picture of the girl and her Mother he set next to the picture of John. This was just too much of a coincidence for them. John never told them about Adam..why would he tell them about a sister. He looked for a moment as he slid his gaze to Dean. Stunned beyond words at the moment. He swallowed hard himself, so many emotions, and he knew he had to keep them all in check.


She'd been right. His thoughts grew almost panicked, his eyes landing on the surest sign there could be that Stella had been right and the brothers were investigating the bloody corpse he'd left behind in her apartment. A sleek black car sat parked on the street outside her building, one that he was intimately familiar with.

Absently, he fingered his dark coat, so like yet so different from the one he'd inherited from his vessel back when he'd still been an angel. He was torn between going back to Stella now that his curiosity had been satisfied, and waiting to get a glimpse of the Winchesters. Narrowing his eyes, he decided on the riskier of the options. He stepped out of the shadows that had been cloaking him and into the light of a nearby streetlamp. He leaned casually against the pole, watching and waiting.


^he pulled his mouth back into a "common" smirk, his eyes rolling abit as he motioned to the shirt^..It's a plaid shirt, Sam...

^he turned, shifting himself to face his brother^... you know how maay shirts there are like that one? Hell, we've probably got seven between us.. ^he emphasised his words by motioning between the two of them^

^he looked back, this time at the pictures Sam had placed together...he blinked, his chest heaving as he took a deep breath, exhaling quickly through his nose^

No... ^he looked back at his brother^... I know what you're thinking... ^he shook his head, approaching Sam^.. No..

One illegitimate kid.. ^he shook his head, glancing at the ground then back to Sam^...Okay... but two? ^he motioned behind him to the "shrine"^

Common, Sam... This is Dad we're talking about... ^even after all this time, still defending Father.. like the good soldier he always was^


"Dad wasn't a monk, Dean!" Sam said loudly. He sighed and looked at the girl in the picture. She had the same features in a softer way, the same eyes as the both of them.

"Dean, really? Think and look at the pictures. Really look! Who better for Cas to go after. Our own bloodline since you pissed him off. He can't get into the bunker. We followed the dead bodies down here, Dean. The age of this girl..Stella fits." He sighed. This was the connection. It had to be.


I'm not saying the man was a Saint, Sam! ^he pulled back, realizing he was on the verge of yelling.. probably not the best thing with the Texas State Troopers outside^...but this..?

This... ^he brushed past Sam, motioning at the shrine^

^he shook his head, turning back to his bother^... This is bull, Sammy..

^he nodded, his hands raising the shoulder height gesticulating as he speaks^...He we did. Follwed the bodies right here.

^he glanced around^... Maybe just like we were supposed to...^he focused on his brother again^

Think about it, Sam... It's almost to easy... ^he smirks, certain he's fiqured it all out^

This is Castiel.. ^he rarely refers to him as "Cas" anymore..whoever, whatever he is now.. he's not Cas, not the Cas he knew anyway, not the Cas he called friend^

..and his new Ghepetto Crowley screwing with us. Trying to get inside our heads.


Sam took a deep breath an looked back to the door when he realized Dean raised his voice. He sighed and raised his hand as something didn't seem right about this being a shrine. He sighed and wandered over to the bookshelf by the dresser and looked at the books there. His head tilted as he read the titles. All of them college books, religions, mythologies and philosophies.

"I don't know Dean. I don't think this was a set up. This all seems..not thought out really. This one though, right here? The girl with books of religions, Angel bear? Why didn't Dad tell us about her? He kept his mouth shut about Adam too."

He sighed and walked back to the bed. It wasn't a shrine. It was a clue. "I..I don't think Cas did this." He just ignored the rest of his words. No one smelled sulfur which was strange. Crowley had been ignoring them. "Dean..I think Stella did this to tell us who she was." He said softly.


^he sighed^

Fine....^he drew his hand over his mouth and down his chin^

^nodding^... Let's...^he shakes his head a little, blinking and widening his eyes as he looks at Sam^...Let's say your right..

Why... ^he throws his arms up in a shrug/questioning motion^

Why bring us here? Last thing Castiel wants his us on his trail.


"I don't think he is trying to bring attention to himself, Dean. I think he's angry. When he kills these people, it's not to draw us to him. He picks them at random." Sam's thoughts are running faster than his mouth at this point.

"I think..since he's a demon, he is offering them deals. All those people had something going on in their lives, he offered them a deal and then he killed them. This girl..our sister, her ex boyfriend beat the shit out of her." A surge of protection welled up inside him, if they had known, they would have kill him himself. He shook his head a bit. "Maybe he offered her a deal.."


^he goes to speak, but he cuts himself off as he feels a sweel of anger when Sam says "our sister"... "our Sister".. right.. like Adam was "our Brother..^

^he nods, running his tongue over his top teeth under his lip before licking his lips^

I guess we can ask them when we find them.. ^he half snarked at his brother as he turned, reaching for the door to exit^


"Family don't end in blood." Same said, quoting Bobby. "But it starts there." He whispered. Sam turned an picked up the picture of the girl and her Mother. He set the bear back where it had been an decided to not say anything more. He wanted to help Cas, but now he didn't know.

Sam took a picture with his phone quickly and followed his brother out of the room. He didn't say much as he left. Sam was pissed but he wasn't going to try to piss off Dean anymore at the moment. He nodded and spoke to the cops on his way and headed towards the Impala, needing some fresh air.


^he let Sam wrap things up with the troopers as he exited the house, he took a deep breath trying not to let his anger get the better of him as he moved passed the front of the Impala towards the drivers side^


As he waited, Cas thought over what might happen when the boys finally made an appearance, running through various scenarios in his mind. It could be that they simply wouldn't notice him. People hanging around a crime scene watching wasn't anything unusual. There were a few hovering around, after all. He didn't really count on that being the case, though. They were good hunters, damn good hunters; they weren't likely to let something so obvious pass by unnoticed.

His head canted to the side ever-so-slightly as the Winchesters exited the building. They looked...good. Basically the same as when he'd seen them last. Well, aside from Dean not slowly bleeding to death, of course. His right hand twitched, the urge to hold an angel blade nearly overwhelming him. But he decided to let them make the first move...if they noticed him waiting under the streetlamp.


Sam took a few deep breaths as he stepped out of the brownstone building. He was not going to get into a fight with Dean over this, maybe he'd be better if they got dinner an some pie, sometimes that helped. The fact they had a sister was still fresh in his mind.

Something made Sam look up at the moment. Dean had just gotten into the car, the streetlamp had someone underneath it. A man in a trenchcoat. His heart clenched as he realized it was Cas. His breath let out slowly. "Dean!" He called out urgently to his. "It's Cas!"


^he had just slipped into the drivers seat of the Impala when Sam caught his attention... he turned his eyes to the rearview mirror, then craned his neck to see out the back window... sure enough, there underneath a streetlamp, was Castiel^

^he smirked, "pretty cliche Cas - shadowy fiqure under a streetlamp" he thought to himself, as he turned back around and stepped back out of the car... the heavy steel door creaking on its hinges as he slammed it shut and moved around the rear of the car^


A slow grin played on his lips when the hunters noticed him after all. As Dean slid from the car, Cas straightened up from his slouch against the streetlamp's post and he clenched and released his hands reflexively a few times. He darted glances around the area to see who might be looking their way. The last thing he wanted right now was to cause a scene. If he needed to...take care of the boys, he'd much rather the leisure privacy would afford him to deal with them. He held his hand up, crooking his fingers in a beckoning motion, his grin growing.


Sam sighed watching Dean come out of the car from the corner of his eye. He kept is full attention on Castiel though. He cleared his throat watching him beckon to them. "Think Cas took her soul on a deal or just killed her as well?" He asked softly. He moved to the end of the car himself, looking around himself at the people on the sidewalk. Humanity didn't always seem worth saving it seemed.

Sam couldn't help but feel slightly amused if the girl did sell her soul for a deal. A real Winchester indeed. Sam waited for Dean to take the lead on going to Cas though.


^he straightened up, his body tensing as Castiel "beckoned" them^

Smug Son of a Bitch.. ^he muttered to himself as he and Sam came to stand side by side^

^he eyed the Angel turned Demon ahead of them, barely hearing Sam speak^... What? Who?

^he clanced at same, quizically...and slightly annoyed^....Oh.. Her. Right..

I dunno.. ^he shook his head a little, turning his attention back to Castiel^

Common.. ^he patted the left side of his coat, ensuring the angel blade was still tucked away there, as he started to head towards Castiel^


Chuckling a bit, Cas then turned serious and stepped forward to meet them at the curb as the brothers approached. The normally comforting weight of his blade tucked up the sleeve of his coat did little to keep him from being suitably wary of the hunters. He's seen them fight – even fought with them for a time in his previous life – and he knew they were opponents he needed to be very careful of. But they also had their own morals, and they generally included keeping innocents out of the line of fire whenever possible. They would be careful in this public confrontation, he was confident of that.

“Hello, Dean...Sam.” His gravelly voice greeted them each in turn, his tone cool but polite. He didn't even attempt to disguise his gaze roaming over each of them, sizing them up. “You look...better, Dean.” His grin flashed again, briefly, before he schooled his expression into one of cool neutrality.


Sam slid a glance to his brother as he spoke. He walked along with him, and they stopped in front of Cas. It was good to see their old friend again, but it was still hard to believe this is where they all were. A slight flash of anger filled him at Cas' words. "Good to see you're back to being a dick, Cas." Sam said quietly.

There were too many people close by to really do anything. He clenched and unclenched is fists as he stood there. "So..did you kill the girl or let her off with a deal?" He was genuinely curious. He sighed, how had they gotten here?


^he stopped a few feet short of Castiel, stuffing his ahnds into the pockets of his coat^

What are we doing here, Castiel... ^he practically cuts Sam off... Dean is still working off the assumption that Cas lured them here^


He let his gaze dart to Sam, making an easy assumption about the 'girl' he was referring to, but chose to leave his question unanswered. It was just more fun that way, watching him squirm with sentimentality for a sibling the hunter had never even met.

Cas turned his attention back to Dean, who was, he was sure, the more immediate threat of the two. Dean would be less likely to worry about innocents getting involved if he was enraged enough. And the demon toyed with the idea of trying to provoke Dean purely to see if he could drive him that far. After all, Cas didn't care if more people got hurt or not; they were only meatsacks in the end.

With a shrug, Cas let his lips quirk into a smile. “Presumably, you're here investigating a murder that you suspect is the work of some monster. I..just happened to be in the neighborhood. Figured I'd say hello. Which I've done.”


Sam shot a glance at Dean when he cut him off and watched how Castiel dismissed him like that. He was used to it, but not from Cass. Maybe he should get used to it now. He snorted at Castiel's words. "Just happened to be, right." He said with a touch of anger in his voice.

"Why are you here, Cass?"


^he rolled his neck, passing a glance to his brother^

You know anything about what happened in there.. ^he followed up Sam's question, and though it might pass as a question of his own - it was more of a warning, turning his gaze back to Castiel^


He shrugged again, his movement casual and relaxed, despite his inner wariness. Deep blue eyes darted between the brothers, trying to gauge their likelihood to make an attempt at killing him right here and now. Licking his lips, he then turned his attention to the few bystanders still milling around hoping for a sight of something interesting at the crime scene. And he made quite sure he was obvious about where his attention had been before he looked back to the two standing before him.

I came because I was advised that you two would show up here. I wanted to see if sh.. If my source was correct.” He paused, locking his gaze with Dean's before continuing to answer his question. “I know what happened.” He paused again, grinning. “Intimately.”


Sam watched Cas being deliberate in his movements about being seen among the other humans. Just another curious bystander talking to two suits beside him, who the cops thought were FBI. It almost reminded him of Crowley.

His eyes shot up as he heard him almost say 'she' the girl knew they would come here. He took a menacing step towards Castiel, knowing her was much bigger than him but forgetting where he was for the moment. He let out a breath he wasn't aware he was holding. "Damnit Cass." He growled softly.


^he pulled his hands out of his coat pockets, he stepped back in a half turn...his right hand cupping over his mouth and drawing down over his chin^

What the hell are you doing, man.. ^he turns back, addressing Castiel, his hands falling at his sides as he steps infront of his brother^

You gotta stop... ^he shook his head a bit as he spoke^

We wanna help you.. ^he nooded at Castiel, motioning between he and Sam^...but you gotta reel this in...

^he glanced around^... Come back to the bunker, lay low while we fiqure this out..

We can fix this....^he looked back to the former Angel^

^despite everything that had happened, everything that had been done to him... he still hoped to get their friend back.. and, without realizing it, Dean let it show in his voice and his features^

Let us help you... Please, Cas, let us fix this..


He turned an almost pitying look on Sam as he shifted forward. No matter how much bigger the hunter might be, Cas was well aware his strength was no match for that of a demon. Dean stepping forward, putting himself between a threat and his little brother was so familiar it was like a punch to his gut, and he hesitated, letting Dean's words wash over him.

Giving himself a mental shake, a low growl fell from his lips as he stared at Dean. “Fix this... Human sentimentality. When you were a demon, you didn't want to be fixed, Dean.” A giggle, completely out of place, slipped from the demon as a hint of madness flared in his eyes. “A demon with the memories of an angel. Imagine it. Why would I ever want to be...fixed?” His gaze flicked between the brothers, his hands now balled into fists at his sides.


Sam let out a frustrated sound when Dean stepped in front of him. He kept his gaze on Castiel regardless though. His eyes landed on Dean, barely masking his surprise at his offer. He shot Cass a nasty glance at his words that was like a slap in the face. Then again, Dean hadn’t wanted to be fixed either.

However, how the hell did Castiel become a demon in the first place? Angels didn’t have souls. Sam remained silent as this and other things rolled around in his mind, as well as whether the girl was still alive.


^he's not surprised by the rejection, but that doesn't mean he's happy about it either^

And you two wouldn't let me go... ^he practically cut Castiel's words off^

^he shook his head a bit, his brow and eyes squinting up in confusion^.... What makes you think this would be any different?

How the Hell did this even happen.. ^the former Angel hadn't told them how or why he was a demon now, noting more than just vague innuendo..... and it was clear in Dean's voice he expected an explanation this time^


The demon shifted, as though he were going to take a step forward, but then thought better of it. His eyes continued to dart between the brothers, his fists clenched at his sides, every line of his stance wary. He knew better than to underestimate this pair, even if he should have an advantage over them.

Of course, he remembered clearly that he and Sam had fought so hard to reclaim Dean from the time he spent as a demon. The reasoning had seemed so clear then. But now... Well, now, it seemed to him as though that reasoning had been flawed. He shook his head wordlessly, the only answer he could really provide to the question of why he would think he would be different. He just was. Everything about this was different.

“I made a deal with Crowley. I followed in your footsteps, you Winchesters. I was too weakened, my grace too depleted. I couldn't pull you out of the Pit, Dean,” he replied, his voice trembling slightly now. “I needed help. Sam was in a coma, you were gone. There was no one other way.” Cas hesitated, his eyes growing distant and his fists unclenching. “An ancient curse...I traded my fading grace for a human soul, and...I died...”


Sam looked pained at Dean's words and sighed softly, sliding his gaze back to Castiel. His eyes looked both mournful and furious. He slid his gaze to Dean, barely remembering much from being in the coma, but grateful to be out of it and live.

"Jesus, Cass." Sam said softly, he reached out as though to touch Cass's arm when his voice trembled. He wasn't going to rebuke him for this, it brought his brother back home. e wondered if there had been another way to bring Dean home that didn't turn their closet friend now into an adversary. Sam sighed deeply.


^his face fell, he didn't know what to say...his body slouched, almost as if someone defeated^

^he straightened up, inhaling deeply, and spinning on his heels to look at Sam^

^he shook his head, then took a few steps passed his brother^

^he snapped back around, eyes locking on Castiel again^....You stupid son of a bitch...


He blinked when Dean stepped forward, his eyes flicking to the strange blue-threaded ebony that marked him as a demon, though as something else as well. He pulled himself forcefully from memories best forgotten. But then, that was the problem. He couldn't forget. Not really. Cas took a step back, being sure to stay out of the boys' reach, or rather out of reach if a blade were produced, and eyed them both warily.

“Maybe. So what?” He shrugged, rage and confusion warring in his expression. “My life since meeting you boys has been a series of bad choices. What's one more?”


Sam watched Dean as he turned on him and walked past him. He sighed softly as he turned and cursed at Cass. "Dean! Really?" He glared at him. His eyes flit back to Cass. "I wish you had waited until I woke up." Sam said softly, no rebuke, he just wished he could have at least been there for him. "We all have made bad choices in the past, Cass. Maybe we can fix this one?"


^he was getting angry...and talking wasn't helping^

What.....^he glared back at his brother^.... Sam? Uh? "We all made mistakes?"...^he repeated the sentiment behind Sam's words^... That's god damned point!

^he brushed passed his brother, towards Castiel, stopping as he turned and motioned between himself and Sam^... We've been down this road before..

^he motioned behind him to the fallen Angel^... He should have known better. He should have let it go.

^he spun his gaze once again on Castiel^...So...So What? You just...decided to to trade one Almighty douch for another one? Uh? Why? ^he shook his head, questioning washing over his features^..So you could be the "Hero?"

How did you think this was gonna play out, Cas? Uh? Once you were walking around being worn by a Demon?


He watched the spat between the brothers wordlessly, something about the familiarity of it relaxing him without even realizing he was letting his guard down again. Still, anger played around the edges of his awareness, and he couldn't help lashing out. “I traded my life for yours, Dean!” His jaw working, he glared. “I didn't think about it beyond that! I didn't...”

He faltered, the anger draining away as swiftly as it had flared. His head dropped, confusion reigning in place of the perpetual rage that seemed to sustain him since his world had come crashing down and memories returned to him. “..I didn't care what happened beyond that,” he finished in a lost tone.


Sam wanted to yell at Dean, but between the spectators around them and the fact they were in public he held it together. He radiated anger for a moment and then just sadness listening to Cass. He slid his gaze to their friend. It didn't seem possible, sacrifices again and again on his part. How important were the two of them?

"Dean.." Sam said softly, reminding him they were in public. He slid his gaze to Castiel again. "I'm sorry, Cass."


We never do! ^he almost shouted it, but calmed himself^... We never think about what's next. And it's always bad.

But you didn't, Cas.. ^he shook his head, drew his hand over his mouth and down his chin^... You didn't trade your life..

You traded your humanity...^weird, saying that about an Angel... but he had been more human than most humans he had knowns^... and created something that..

^he swallowed hard, looking away from Castiel and stepping back alongside Sam^

..Something that we're gonna have to stop.. If we can't help you..


Cas raised his head to look up at Sam, shaking it slightly. What could he say, really? What could he say to any of this? It happened the way it happened, and going back in time to change it wasn't an option. Truthfully, even now, he wouldn't go back and change it. Dean lived, and...he was changed in ways that could never be fixed. He just felt certain of that.

His right hand worked, the fingers clenching and unclenching as Dean spoke. He ached to have his blade in his hand, but he knew that one simple action would start something that he wasn't sure he wanted to finish. Not yet, anyway. Conflicting emotions and desires still warred for dominance within him, memories of a nature long since lost clashed with the instincts of his new form.

“I was never human, Dean. Not really. Even when I was mortal, I was never really human.” Almost as a counter to his words, he blinked and let his eyes return to the familiar deep blue. “And I'm not sure why you think you can stop me. Crowley couldn't.” His lips twisted into a grin. “He's afraid of me, you know. He made me, and he's afraid of me, because he knows I wouldn't hesitate to end him if he got in my way. What makes you think I couldn't – or wouldn't – do the same to you?”


Sam wasn't sure he would agree with Dean about killing Cass. He sighed and watched Dean step beside him again. He swallowed hard, now just realizing after everything perhaps Cass couldn't be saved. Perhaps he could, he wasn't sure but he wanted to do some research into it.

His thoughts ran and then stopped as Cass said that Crowley was afraid of him. He wanted to say, 'because you're our friend', but he wasn't sure that would help or stop Cass either. He looked back to Dean and then to Cass again. "You do have to remember what's right and wrong though, right? I can't believe you would just throw all that away after everything, Cass. C'mon." Sam said softly.


^he straightened up, almost puffing his chest out, a smirk on his features^...Crowly..

Crowley....^he shook his head abit, a full smile now on his face, his brow raising and his eyes widening^...ain't afraid of you...Hell he ain't affraid of us.. ^he motioned between he and Sam^

^his face suddenly feel very serious, his head shaking turning into a nod^... he's affraid to die. Period. And right now he should be very affraid of that.

Sam and I? We're not..^he shook his head^... Like ridin' a bike at this point.. ^he smirked^

I don't know that couldn't...^he shrugged abit^..or wouldn't..but.. ^he stepped toward Castiel^

I do know we wont let you.


His eyes darted to Sam, the grin falling from his lips. “You're still alive, Sam,” the demon offered as answer. Cas' attention was swiftly drawn back to Dean as the hunter stepped toward him, his words the final straw. He shifted his right hand slightly, the familiar weight of the angel blade dropping down into his grasp.

“Dean, do you really want to do this here,” Cas asked, his gravelly voice low, his eyes darting around to the potential spectators. A voice in the deepest parts of his mind tried to remind him that he could vanish, simply teleport away and avoid the fight he was afraid was about to happen. But he paid no attention to it. He found himself reluctant to just leave, even though he really didn't want to have to hurt either of the brothers.

Unaware of it, that hesitation and reluctance was written on his face as he stood his ground. At this point, he was prepared to fight, and even to kill, but only if forced to it.


Sam stiffened as Dean spoke and then advanced on Cass. He followed Dean, and saw Cas' arm flex, knowing he dropped the blade into his hand. He sighed, knowing better than to get in between the two of them and looked around at the people as well for a moment.

Sam made a decision right then, moving to take a step closer to Dean and put his hand on his chest. He glanced to Cas, seeing the emotion flood across his face. He knew then that Cass was still in there somewhere. "We're not doing this here, Cas." He looked back to Dean. "There are way too many people here. We can't d can't do this Dean, not here, not now." He said softly.


^he eyed Cas, physically he knew he could do what needed to be done if necessary..he was preparing himself mentally^

^he wasn't going to start a fight^

Nope... ^he tucked his right hand under the edge of his coat, reaching behind him to grip the handle of the angel blade tucked there^

^he glanced down at the hand on his chest, then back up to his brother, then back to Cas^

It's your move.....^but he'd sure as hell end one, one way or another^

... Castiel.... ^it was a pointed decision not to call the thing infront of him by the name he used to call his friend^


“Sam. Dean.” He took a step backwards, his gaze flashing warily between each brother several times, before dropping to the ground at his feet rather suddenly. “I don't want to kill you,” he rumbled in his deep voice, his words nearly a mumble.

Slowly, his eyes raised again, and fixed each brother with a steady stare, each lasting a few seconds, before he slid his gaze away to stare off into the distance. Heedless now of who might take notice, he let the angel blade drop from his grasp to clatter to the cement below. “There's something broken in me. If you truly believe I'm a monster you need to take down, then just...” He hesitated, a trembling running through his body as he allowed just how truly broken he was to show outwardly even as something inside screamed within him.

“..end it.”


"Cass, no we can't.." Sam whispered softly, he watched the blade hit the ground and swept his gaze over the crowd around them quickly. He shook his head and sighed. "Maybe we can fix it instead? Fix you, Cass." He still called him by the name they knew him as a friend by. He always would. A nagging feeling at the back of his head reminded him of the girl from the apartment.

"Cass, just no." Sam shook his head slowly.


^he didn't take his ahnd off the handle of the blade tucked behind his back as he moved forward, closer to Castiel.. this could just be a ploy to catch them off guard^

Don't make us, Cas..^he kicked Castiels fallen angel blade back towards Sam^

Let us help you. Come back to the bunker with us, lets fix this...^he held his free hand out, still on guard, to Castiel^


Cas did nothing to stop Dean's advance on him. Instead, he turned his gaze to Sam, who was pleading with him. “I'm done, Sam,” he said, the words almost a sigh, if not for the slight trembling that slipped into his voice as well as still wracked his body.

He didn't even flinch when his angel blade clattered across the cement toward Sam. He only turned his eyes to Dean, watching him passively as he approached. “So you can chain me up in the dungeon? So you can 'cure' me? So I can be, at best, nothing more than human?” He glanced down at the hand being held out to him, but didn't yet move to take it, or the offer it represented.

Instead, he turned his eyes up to lock with Dean's, doing his best to ignore the ache in his chest the familiar green eyes invoked. “Dean, I remember when I was mortal. I won't do that again. I'll die first.” Despite his words, however, Cas slowly lifted his hand and placed it in the hunter's, surrendering...though not even he really grasped what that might mean.


Sam shook his head and knelt and swiped the blade up quickly when it was kicked to him by Dean. He let out a slow breath relieved as he watched Cass, still keeping his guard up as he watched them both.

"I'm glad you're going to come home with us, Cass." Sam said softly, truthfully after Cas put his hand in Dean's hand. Sam sighed softly, already knowing they can get the blood for him, to turn him somewhat human. Get it sanctified like they did for Dean. Cass was family. You always take care of family.


^he gripped Castiel's hand, pulling him up, releasing it and re-gripping him around the upper arm as he moved to stand beside him and usher him towards Sam and the Impala^

We can figure it all out when we get home...^it was a platitude, really... Castiel pretty much nailed the plan on the head... Dungeon, Cure, Humanity..^



The room they tended to refer to as the dungeon deep within the bunker in Kansas. It was dark, and maybe a little cold, though...he had to admit, not damp the way dungeons supposedly always were. Cas sat in the same chair Crowley had once occupied for months, restrained, binding cuffs locked securely around his wrists. Of course, there was also the demon trap that would have kept him bound even if he had nothing else restraining him.

Cas was scowling into the darkness, waiting to see just what Sam and Dean were going to do with him now. He was angry at them, of course. But he was equally angry at himself. He remembered, though the memory was strangely hazy, taking Dean's offered hand. He remembered being ushered along to the car, and then the binding cuffs slapped onto his wrists before he'd had a chance to react. The cuffs effectively shut down his powers and locked him within his meatsuit. Still shocked – though, of course, now he knew he should have seen it coming – he'd been shoved unceremoniously into the trunk. The lid came slamming down over him, offering one glimpse of the trap painted onto it before darkness had descended.

A very long, rough ride later, and he'd been drug through the garage, through the bunker itself, and into the dungeon – fighting the entire way, though it just hadn't been enough to escape thanks to the damned binding cuffs still locked firmly around his wrists - where he'd been secured and left to stew in the dark, cursing the Winchesters, cursing Crowley, cursing whatever had come over him to make him think he could ever trust either of the hunters to help him. Damnit, he didn't need help, he didn't need fixed, he wasn't BROKEN.

“Sam! Dean! I don't need to be fixed! You hear me? I'm not broken! I'm finally what I'm meant to be!” He stopped the shouting only for a low growl to force its way out of his throat as he struggled – still in vain – against the restraints holding him to the chair in the center of the devil's trap. “I know one of you is listening to me! I know you can hear me! Dean! Sam! I want to make a deal!”


Sam was standing outside the door in the dungeon. He sighed, waiting for Dean to come back with the sanctified blood. They had the other supplies for working on getting rid of the demon part of Cass. But listening to him yell for both of them, made pretty sure he wasn't ready for it. Sam opened the door and walked in, looking at his friend latched to the chair.

"You wanted us to cure you, Cass. I won't do a deal, and I'm certain Dean isn't going to let you deal either." Sam sighed as he looked at his friend. How far had they come. "Hell Cass you just smirked when I asked about the girl in Texas. Did you kill her? Is she still alive?"


He fell silent when someone finally deigned to respond to him, Sam, as it happened. Cas wondered, fleetingly, if Dean just couldn't face him, or if it was that he just didn't care. Then he shoved the thought away, because, damnit, he didn't care what the hell Dean thought, anyway. His eyes narrowed as he regarded the younger Winchester, his expression otherwise going carefully blank.

“Your sister? You know she's your sister, I could see it in your face, then.” Cas shrugged, shifting against the restraints. “She's fine, or she was when I left her to come pay you boys a visit.” He huffed out a quiet laugh. “I saved her life, in fact,” he said, a grin twisting his lips suddenly.

The grin dropped from his lips as quickly as it had appeared. “I never said I wanted cured of anything, you know. I...don't know why I came. I don't know what I was thinking,” he said, the fainted hint of puzzlement crossing his features for just a fleeting moment, his eyes growing distant. “I wasn't thinking clearly. I tired.”

His gaze snapped back to Sam, something sharp and deadly about it. “I'm thinking very clearly now. I don't want any damn cure. Let me go, Sam. You don't want to do this. You really, really don't,” Cas said, his gravelly voice lower than usual.


Sam smiled slightly. "Yeah I know she's my sister, I'm slow, not stupid." He had figured it out and Dean wasn't accepting it. Which was pretty standard considering. "Thanks for saving her, Cass." He said softly, sincerely.

His eyes shoot up at the rest. "No but you did say you wanted our help. So you're going to get our help." He raised his eyebrows. "You're not going anywhere, Cass. We're going to fix this. We need to help you come back to us." He was nonchalant about the whole situation. He had every right not to be though. He sighed ad leaned against the wall.

"That's the thing, Cass. You are tired and you need our help. You can rest, Dean is bringing the supplies. It's going to be ok." He said simply.


It was like a broken record, grating against him. Fixing him, was that all they could think about? “This doesn't need fixed, Sam. I don't need fixed.” Cas glanced down to the cuffs still locked onto his wrists, despite all the other wards and traps keeping him fixed in place. Then he fixed his intense stare, the one he'd used to direct so often at Dean before...well, just before...right at Sam.

After everything I've done, I think I've managed to show this is exactly what I was meant to be,” Cas murmured, his gaze turning thoughtful. A faint, wistful smile played on his lips as he continued. “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Sam. I never had anything but good intentions. It was bound to happen, eventually. Wasn't it?”

The smile dropped away suddenly, leaving a wild look about Cas in its place. “I don't need fixed, and I don't want your help. And I don't want Dean's help, either,” he screamed, jerking wildly, uselessly, against his bindings once more.