Castiel stood in the cool early morning shadows of the forest, looking out over a seemingly abandoned building nestled away in a clearing. His eyes traveled slowly over the building and the grounds surrounding it, his expression thoughtful, evaluating every aspect of the location. After he'd taken in everything he could see from his current position, he stepped out of the sheltering trees and into the pastel painted grasses of the clearing.

Striding now with purpose toward the building, he squinted his eyes against the bright morning light breaking over the trees as the wind stirred his dark hair faintly. Castiel came to a stop several yards from the building, taking in the few repairs that would be needed, noting they were far less than it appeared from a distance. In truth, the place could be inhabited comfortably now, if someone were so inclined. The angel found the feeling of peace the whole place exuded pleasing, and that was the tipping point for him.

His lips quirked, just slightly, but it was as good as a grin to those few who truly knew him. He slipped a phone from the pocket of his coat and thumbed the screen to dial. “Hello, Dean. You were right. This place is perfect,” he said into the phone. His eyes crinkled with amusement at the sound of the voice on the other end of the line practically crowed satisfaction at him. Once Dean had finally fallen silent from extolling all the advantages the site had for their purposes, Castiel chuckled softly. “Yes. I'll let them know.”

He hesitated, then smiled a genuine smile, even though he was quite aware the man on the other end couldn't see it. “And, Dean? Thank you,” the angel said, his voice suffused with genuine gratitude. He listened quietly for a few more minutes as the hunter deflected the thanks in his usual gruff manner, knowing enough of the man to just let it lie rather than push his point. “Yes, Dean, alright,” he finally said before hanging up, keeping most of the fondness from his voice, lest the elder Winchester start in on him about 'chick-flick' moments yet again.

Tucking the phone away, he took in the sight before him once more, then turned to make his way back to the gold Continental he'd left parked on the single road leading in.