Jody hated paperwork most of the time as it was. When she was a cop, it was one of the things she detested most. She still detested it even now after all these years. She checked her phone rereading the text that Castiel has sent her about a new girl he was bringing in. She couldn't really even get into how weird it was getting a text from an angel. Sam had called her earlier about the girl too. Dean cursing about her almost scratching baby could be heard in the background.

Jody smiled slightly as she stood, putting the papers into her desk and locking it. Maybe this would turn out okay after all. There were mostly teenagers here. Just a handful for now. She wished a place like this wasn't necessary, but it's better to train people who had encounters, rather than send them back out without any, or worse any home.

She wished not the first time that Bobby was still around. He could have helped a lot around here. Course, she wasn't sure if he could handle all the girls around after dealing with the Winchesters for so long. She looked out the window into the forest, and wandered outside of her office to get some fresh air.