He sensed a shift, a change in reality...a balance being restored. God had created four archangels, and He had done it for a reason. Then, once, a little seraph, seeking to get above himself – though with good intentions, always with the best of intentions and as often as not the worst of results – seeking to end yet another civil war in Heaven, swallowed uncounted and uncountable souls and tried to become the new God. And then, the little seraph, his rebellious, fallen little brother, eliminated one of those four archangels with the merest thought. It left a void. It left things...out of balance. It was something that he'd felt, even locked away in the depths of the Pit, in the Cage his Father had designed for him millennia ago.

That balance had just been restored.

The force of it nearly brought him to his knees. Even the soul of his vessel, so perfectly suited to him, almost as closely as Sam Winchester had been, trembled and shivered within with the force of it. Somehow, someone had found a way to create a new archangel. It was unthinkable, and yet...it had been done. And, he realized with a flare of amusement, not just any angel had been so blessed as to be elevated to such exalted status.

Castiel, that same little seraph that had killed his bother Raphael, that very same little seraph that had been so broken less than a year ago that he'd actually allowed himself to be ridden out of Hell by the Devil himself in a desperate attempt to save the world, to save everyone he cared about. Castiel, of all the angels in the entire world, was the fourth archangel. The balance was corrected, the ripples spreading out through creation that would, eventually, help to combat the random chaos that had been left in the Darkness' wake.

Lucifer laughed at the beauty of it.

It would seem, he thought, it might be time to start putting the next parts of his plans into motion. The first, that had been easy. Using his vessel's memories, and even his actual cooperation – the human was a delight in that way, nearly an equal to his own peculiar insanity and corruption – he'd passed as human, and passed around a tale of the Winchesters, himself, Castiel, and Gabriel...of their heroism in the face of God's sister, the Darkness. It had been so simple to spread that story – a story quickly turning to legend, to almost myth-like status amongst the hunter community – and to have to take on a life of it's own.

The story of how even the Devil could be a hero, instead of the evil he was thought to be.

It was the perfect manipulation.

And now, with this situation with that peculiar little seraph Castiel...who was now an archangel... Well, he thought with a wicked grin, things might start to get very interesting indeed.