Mariah and Mairead appeared suddenly in the forest with a bangs and tumbled down a hill. Mairead caught her sister on top of her to stop the roll she instinctively knew how where she would land. They were small for their ages as it was. Underfed and had been caught in a trap after their Mother had been murdered. They never knew their Father. Still for being five years old, it had been hard for them. Their clothes were in tatters and they were both dirty. Scraped up from the fall. Mairead helped her sister up and wiped the blood from her nose. Mariah just stood silently and let her sister do as she would. Mariah never spoke and just followed Mairead at all times.

It was cold here Mairead realized, she sighed. They had been in a warmer climate before. They both heard noises and stopped and hid behind a snowbank, shivering.

Miah had come out after hearing something and had seen the flash in the sky. He held his angel blade in his hand as he walked around in the snow. His eyes glowed slightly. Lina stood at the doorway watching him cautiously.

Mairead knew her sister and herself would die if they stayed out here and she couldn’t allow that to happen. She took her sister’s hand and pulled her up. “ us.” She asked, shaking as she stood there, holding her sister close.

Miah turned when he heard a childish voice and stopped looking at the girls. He twirled his blade a bit knowing almost immediately what they were. He walked closer to them and saw them both cower from him. He frowned and looked back to the cabin. “Lina,” He called over to her, “Bring a blanket love.” He knew they were Nephilim, he wondered who’s get they were though. Lina came over and wrapped them up in a blanket, both girls huddled into it and Miah slid his blade up his sleeve. He knelt down and picked the girls up. He slid his other arm around Lina as they walked back to the cabin.

They got the girls cleaned up and fed and had listened to Mairead speak. They had been through a lot in their short lives and so articulate. Mariah never spoke and hid behind her sister. Mairead made sure she got the first choice and the bigger share. As Miah and Lina spoke to them he realized who their Father was. Balthazar. He was quite the hedonistic personality when he fled heaven. But a good Angel in the Garrison.

Lina put the girls to bed next to the fire and came over to him asking what they could do with them, considering what they were. “Yeah I know, it’s not their fault, love.” He said softly. “I’ll head to the school and see if Castiel can bring them in there. We can’t raise them and protect them. You know that.” Lina nodded. “Be careful, please?” She leaned up and kissed him softly. “Always.” He whispered. Lina wandered back over to sit with the girls as Miah made his way out into the woods and headed off to the school.