Miah stood outside the cabin after calling Castiel from the cell phone he had given them. He hadn't wanted to use Angel Radio and risk their position. He had spent days warding the cabin once they had settled in after The Fall. It was warded from Angels and Demons alike, as well as humans.

When a human walked by it, it looked dilapidated an abandoned, much as they had found it originally. It required a spell and some hex bags, but he and Lina had gotten it done. So he knew the girls would be safe there for now. He only told Castiel that there was a situation he wanted him to come take a look at. Better to have him here and explain then do it over the phone. He dropped it into jacket pocket as he stood there. He had to admit, it was a beautiful night out.


I miss flying,” Castiel muttered as he made his way through the woods towards the small cabin Nehemiah and Madalina inhabited at the edge of the academy property. The cold didn't really bother him, as it would humans, but that didn't mean he didn't feel it at all. Given a choice, he'd found he'd rather be warm. He stuck his hand into the pockets of his coat and flexed wings that no one else could see, feeling where they were still damaged, and where they were slowly healing. Breathing out a sigh that turned to white mist in the cold air, he muttered again, “I really miss flying.”

Finally, he stepped out of the deep shadows of the trees and into the moonlight shining down around the cabin. Moving around the side of the small building, he turned the corner and came to the front, where Nehemiah stood waiting for him. Castiel came to a stop a respectful distance from his fellow angel, his expression solemn, and even perhaps touched with a bit of concern. “Nehemiah. What's wrong?”


Miah was staring up at the stars when he felt Castiel nearby and turned to look at him. He offered him a smile, nodding his head to him. He thought how best to explain it, but found he didn't really know the words to use. He finally sighed, which was something he had done a lot when at a loss in this vessel. "Lina and I ran across..
He trailed off and sighed again. "Castiel.." He felt very human for the moment. "Lina and I found two children out here a few hours ago in the snow. They are..Nephilim. You should come see them."

He nodded to the cabin. "They have been held captive for a long time. Being used for their powers. Their Mother was killed trying to protect them and their Father..well he was killed too." He finished, knowing once Castiel saw the girls and their bright blue eyes, and scanning them, he would know who their Father had been. He walked towards to the door and opened it quietly to let him in.

Lina looked up from the chair and smiled at Miah, she looked over at the girls to see if they were still asleep and nodded. "Castiel is here?" She asked him softly. Miah nodded and she stood walking to him and hugging him.


Nephilim.” Castiel's eyes widened briefly, before narrowing in confusion. There weren't supposed to be any more nephilim. After all, he'd killed the last one as a part of the spell that ultimately resulted in the Fall. And yet, here was Nehemiah, claiming to be sheltering not even one, but a pair of nephilim. He respected his fellow angel and his decision to live out a life in peace in Earth rather than return to Heaven once the way had been opened, and had no reason to believe he would lie.

Unsure what to think – or how to feel – Castiel merely nodded and stepped into the cabin when Nehemiah opened the door to usher him inside. The sight that met him made him stop in his tracks. Absently, he nodded a greeting to Madalina, though his eyes were fixed firmly on the pair of children nestled before the fire, sleeping soundly. They might appear as simply human children to sight alone, but he could tell what they were, now that he'd encountered one before. Nehemiah was correct; these children were – improbable as it seemed – nephilim.

Slowly, he turned his eyes to look to Nehemiah and Madalina. “You're certain both their parents are dead?” Even before they had a chance to respond, he let his gaze drift back to the nephilim. Blonde wisps of hair resting against rosy cheeks stirred as one child shifted in her sleep, followed immediately by the other. Two born at one birth, Castiel realized suddenly. The nephilim children were twins.


Nehemiah held Madalina to him and he nodded at Castiel's words. He knew that twins that actually survived was a rare thing indeed. It was a miracle that one would survive at all. Yet two it seemed almost impossible. Miah himself was quite surprised at it.

"Only one speaks, Mairead." He kept his voice quiet as he spoke. "She said their Mother, who was human, was killed protecting them from a sorcerer. He took them anyhow after she died of course." He tried to think of a way to tell him who their Father was. "You know who their Father was Castiel."

Lina finally spoke quietly as well. "Their Father was Balthazar, Castiel." she said softly. She didn't do it to hurt him, but it needed to be said since Balthazar met his end at Castiel's hands. Miah took in a sharp breath hearing Lina and looked to her briefly and then back to Castiel.


He'd suspected of course, though he hadn't allowed the suspicions to dwell in his thoughts. But he could feel the traces of Balthazar's grace even as he stared at them.. He knew, though he truly wished he didn't. He took a step closer to the children, studying them even as they slept peacefully.

Guilt flashed through him, and he glanced to where Nehemiah and Madalina stood. “If you knew, why did you choose to contact me,” he asked, his voice strained. Purposely, he turned his back on the children to face the pair of fellow angels. “Madalina. Nehemiah. You have to know what happened. I shouldn't even be in the same room as they are.” Briefly, he thought of Claire, and of how she'd hated him for taking her father from her. How could it be any different for these children? And they were so young, as well.

Still, thoughts of Claire led to her as she was now, and how she accepted him, and had even admitted to caring for him as he cared for her. Despite everything, she'd found it in herself to forgive him. Maybe, the same chance to right a wrong he'd committed was presenting itself to him again, here.


Nehemiah watched Castiel quietly, Lina said nothing but held compassion in her face and eyes. Her eyes slid over to the girls sleeping and back to Castiel. "They are lost too, Castiel." Lina said softly. "They will be safer at the school than here. We can't raise them, they need to learn how to protect themselves and others. Somehow these girls saved themselves from evil."

Miah nodded once in agreement with Lina's words and looked back to Castiel. "You would be surprised, Castiel. Humans, which they are as well, have astounding resources for forgiveness. They are children. We know what happened with Balthazar. Who else would we contact? This is in their best interests I believe." Nehemiah smiled slightly. He had spent time with humans before, they could forgive, children especially. They needed to be around good humans to help them and watch over them.


Castiel nodded slowly. What they said wasn't new to him. He'd witnessed over and over the human capacity for forgiveness; Dean, Sam, Claire – all of them had each forgiven him for sins he'd committed against them. Perhaps these children could as well. And even if they didn't, he owed it to them to see that they were safe and cared for.

Yes. You're right.” Despite seriousness of the situation, his lip quirked as the perfect solution occurred to him. Donna would certainly take these children in. And maybe he'd even earn a bit of extra gratitude from Claire if he provided Donna new charges to mother and feed. “Let them rest here tonight. I'll see to it they're collected tomorrow, when proper clothing against the cold can be provided for them. I know the perfect person to care for them.” His gaze drifted back to the children briefly, a gentle smile playing on his lips.


Madalina smiled at Castiel. "Of course. Their clothes were for warmer weather when they got here. It would be very good for them to have warmer clothes."

Nehemiah smiled as well and nodded. "We do not mind keeping them here. They are always welcome to come visit. I can teach them how to fish perhaps?" It was the first time he offered to help with any of the children. He had seen how much more herself Madalina had become with them around, perhaps it was because he wanted her to be better, maybe it was selfish, but it was a good reason to be.


Castiel nodded slowly, his thoughts already on making arrangements for the children. He was aware there was a room that was currently unused in the main cabin, one that he was certain had two beds, just perfect for a pair of wayward nephilim. It would work out well, he felt.

That would be pleasant, I believe, Nehemiah,” he said, his gaze sliding to Madalina. He knew that Madalina hadn't fared well in the Fall, and that she was still, even years later, damaged in ways Castiel could only recently come to understand from a personal perspective. “Yes, I believe that would be a good idea, once they've settled in.”

Castiel stepped toward the door, then paused to look back to the pair of angels. He even had the good grace to appear faintly ashamed of himself, since he was – for the most part – long past the days when he didn't understand basic human manners. And he was aware that it was something Nehemiah and Madalina practiced at themselves. “I'm going to go make arrangements for the nephilim. Someone will come for them tomorrow. Nehemiah. Madalina.” He offered each a solemn nod and turned to leave, his mind occupied with all that would need done to ensure the children's safety at the academy.