The afternoon is grey and cold, though not chilled to the point that it's uncomfortable to go outside, Jacob would rather have me not remain cooped up all day as I end up staying out all night when I don't get enough of a run during the day. I work hard, whether it's bringing in boxes of liquor, serving or cleaning, I don't sit on my ass at any point and earn what wages I get. Jacob says it's teaching me to be responsible for something, anything, but that I also have to go out and meet people that are not old and already half drunk.

This state isn't so bad, haven't really been in town much besides passing through or remaining in Jacobs truck when he went to pick up some things, there are too many people and I even saw a stray dog wandering around, those things are dangerous, could be diseased or something, probably totally vicious. At least it's what I concluded until I saw some little girl run by and pet him on the head before running off and yes, I felt like a damned coward. But dogs smell like death.

I have nowhere to go right now, I'm just wandering down the snowy road staring at nothing just sort of in my own head, bundled up with my hands shoved deep in my pockets. The sky is grey and gloomy, not very bright which probably means more snow on the way, soon. I'm already bored with this, there is just nothing to do around here if I'm not working and I donM't dare take a run in the woods before sunset. I guess I could chop wood or maybe see to some repairs around the house, but I'm just not motivated right now. I just keep walking, chewing some blue bubblegum, listening to music on my phone, thank God the cell service is good out here, I don't know what i'd do without my Spotify.


She wandered alongside some stupid road in this stupid little hick town, happy to just be out on her own and away from the stifling atmosphere of the cabin the stupid angel had dumped her at. Well, maybe not all of it was stupid, she admitted to herself as she trudged through the snow. It was just new, and different, and she really wasn't sure how to deal with it all yet. Some days, like today, it was just too much.

It was the sense that there was someone else nearby, something she'd learned in the past year to never, ever ignore, that made her raise her head from where she'd been staring almost mindlessly at the ground. Ahead of her was a boy, probably around her age, walking toward her. She stopped, instantly becoming wary, though she stood her ground. And wasn't it a sad state of affairs that meeting a boy by chance alongside a road in broad daylight – or grey overcast daylight, in this case – was a reason to be on guard, instead of merely curious.

She watched him for a moment or two, then decided to maybe try the normal thing for once, though a voice in the back of her mind screamed at her to just cross the street or something and just avoid him.

Uh, hi..” She tried for a pleasant smile, though even she was aware it came off strained. It'd been a long time since she'd had reason to offer much of anyone a real smile.


The boy was looking at his phone, trying to get a signal. Glancing up at the woman as she approached him, he looked a little awkward, taken back by her saying something to him. When he finally got a signal he muttered a apology under his breath, calling for a taxi service. Turning a bit, he squinted as a truck came rumbling along the long road. It was heard far before it was seen, it's old chipped paint and rust stops smearing across the undersides and edges. As it truck came along, it slowed down with a pocket of dust kicked up behind it.

"Hey" He suddenly asked, shutting his phone off. "You heading to the city?" The boy seemed elated with the man turned his head and smiled, nodding. His face however paled when the man, whose leathery skin was streaked with scars--three or four long scars puckered right around the entirety of his face, with one pinched, white eye staring at him.

"Sure am.." The man shifted the truck into park, and gave a look to the woman. It would chill her to the bone, that look, as he moved to the back cab and grabbed something. As the young man begun to kick, he was slung out off into the brush aside the road, and the older man spat in his direction. "Pissuff, runt. Eys yer problem now." Thumbing to the girl, he shoved the kid into the car as he quickly begun to explain his friends left him as a joke, and that he needed to get home safe and sound so to speak. His talk indicated being super nervous as the doors locked, and the tires squealed loudly. The truck rumbled off down a few feet, then jerked as he turned around and sped down the way he'd come from.

The young man was wearing a old jacket, heaped over old clothing. A wound on the side of his head looked somewhat old, but it still seemed a bit bloody. A wad of clothing was shoved into his mouth, and some form of a muzzle--for posterity?-- was strapped to his face. His head was mostly bare of hair as he struggled, hands tightly cuffed together with feet tied up. He struggled for a long moment, turning to glance at Piper and than made a very agitated noise, looking to his hands and then back at her.


I only saw half of what had happened and had to jump out of the truck's way as it sped past, I stop in my tracks pulling the headphones out of my ears, looking off into the distance at the two figures there.. I know I should turn around and not get involved, this is the first thing Jacob taught me. Everyone has their problems and if you get mixed up in things that don't concern you, you are liable to get killed or worse. It sounds cold, but it's true, even with the best intentions. I actually debate a moment longer before moving forward, watchful the whole way and not approaching very quickly, giving myself time to assess in case I need to make a run for it. My phone is in my hands too, I have Jacob as my emergency speed dial in case I get in trouble.

"Everything alright?" I had seen two people before the truck stopped and now there were still two people, though I can almost swear that one of them isn't the same as before. "S-should I call someone?" I hold up my phone, not shouting at them, but my voice is clear enough and it's not like there is much noise here in the dead of winter. I'm just hoping that they wave me off as if everything is normal, maybe I should have taken the license plate of that truck, but I was too busy trying to not get hit.

I take a breath and cross the road, still about fifteen feet with them but now I can clearly see that the boy has some kind of contraption around his head that really looks strange and I have this sudden aversion to getting any closer, something in the air makes my skin crawl, what's that feeling? Like someone is walking over my grave, which is silly, but there it is, my anxiety shoots way up and I have to fight the very fight or flight instincts I have in order to concentrate on what I'm doing, which is getting closer to the two people on the road. "T-there's a b-bar just down the r-road if there's a problem.." I sound like my teeth are chattering but I'm not cold. I hate stuttering like a fool and just close my mouth, pressing my lips into a grim line.